Friday, November 11, 2011

Modern Beach House

This is the new modern beach house from Brian MacKay-Lyons Urban architects.This built is located in West Pennant, Nova Scotia, Canada. This modest home has 12 feet wide by 110-foot-long wall so it can see with both natural and cultural landscape. This house has a four-acre field surrounded by sea on three sides: east and toward a fishing bay pets, wild west to the sea nearby, open, and south to the beach soon a bay. Leather exterior is standard, industrial, corrugated galvalume. Line of top-of-high raised concrete foundation to get out of the ground in cold climates and to form a horizontal datum of the slope against the ground and roof. Heavy concrete staircase used as a protection against the applicable westerly winds coming from the sea.

The roof rises toward the south and the water that covers one continuous space, unobstructed from the garage, went to court, to the kitchen, living and deck cantilever. The tube is punctuated by elements that inflect totem and gives comfort and place-making (bridge, both, fireplace, truss, south window). Spatial readings of concrete foundations makes frame wainscoting in the main parlor. Three bedrooms occupy the lower level, while the master bedroom occupies the second floor attic. The walls and ceilings to expose conventional platform framing. Exploitation of environmental approach to passive house heating and ventilation. Wall width of 12 ‘in the landscape can provide spatial and functional needs of modern life.
Kontemporen of this house more to create a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, combined with the wild sea. The elements of a perfect room to add this house to be complete.

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