Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Modern Future Of The Little House

Small house area of ??Graz, Austria This is the draft Gangoly & Kristiner Architects. Basically, this small house consisting of one floor of space between the fair-faced concrete, the cantilever far to the west. The surroundings of this house is characterized by agriculture, plantations, grasslands and copses to the west hill Plabutsch Graz. The house is very comfortable and quiet because it is far from the city noise. Volume cantilevering leaning on a basement is partially carved into the hill. The ceiling of this rise is a good entrance and parking area, sheltered by a roof terrace planted with greenery. Wind screens on the roof terrace can be seen from afar, while the ladder on the inside, offering a vertical access to the entire house and expanded diametrically to the slopes, can only be seen in the home or from the slopes. Throughoutly shiny and is positioned slightly off-center of the ladder, setting the structure of the living room on one side and on the other hand, it creates a very special relationship with nature by allowing to experience the weather and light conditions in the middle of the house.

Application of the concept of architecture and interior on this home is very harmonious and elegant. The house is small but has the interior parts of the modern kitchen, stairs, view bedroom bathroom, dining room, family room. This house has a very large page so it can allow you to play golf or baseball with your family or your colleagues. Green landscapes and towering hills make this house just as it is located in the Himalayas. In addition, this house has a natural air ventilation and the look behind all the windows look so beautiful hills. The house is made ??of building materials and durable quality and attractiveness of the design that created a unique. The facade of this home can also reflect the character of the owner. This house is designed in a unique and interesting.

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  1. Living in a house and that kind of neighborhood can be very peaceful and relaxing. It even has a view of the city! And judging from the photo, the interior is also classy. I'd be very delighted to live in a house like that. =)

    Danielle Bailey


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