Friday, February 10, 2012

Make Their Home Interior Design

If the hall to talk about their feelings small I believe many people will agree, why this idea? The one hand, defects in the area of ​​the Office itself, the other problem is that the placing of the furniture. Know that the two issues can be resolved to the relative area of ​​defect can find a hall of their own interior designers contrived an interior design, or you can surf the Internet and some design information, such as decorative wall piece through the wall, or design some of the mirror so that the door can be invisible, increase in the living room is beautiful and the depth, to avoid giving the living room because the door will feel a little mischievous. If you can open the old sofa a bold idea, the sense of space in the hall there will be help. Because now everyone should have a sofa that can hall, but also because it would make a great application to space limitations. So you can see the meeting place of the sofa with a simple chair, a sofa can be done to work to, and secondly, they can make visual sense of an increase. Another view is to the living room cabinet made movable, and can be freely combined, not only can enrich and change the layout of the living room, and can give a sense of freshness.

I believe that when we want to make their home interior design, he will have a focus on the design of each space. In the bedroom design everyone will think is a bed, to bed and will be the focus of the design, when considering the focus of good design, you can use the decor, layout, color, and decorated in different ways to focus. The bed is now the main bed frame and mattress can be divided into two parts, the mainstream of contemporary bedstead is wooden, and most like the bleached oak and black ugljan, mainly because of robust construction, compact shape, and sleep will not shake up the feeling. Mattresses in all parts of the body must consider the problem of supporting, but also to pay attention when lying in bed, spine, and the state of similar standing. Also should not be too soft nor too hard, so hips and shoulders beyond its normal curvature, so difficult to move the body during sleep. Designers agree that one side of a bed and bedside lamp; wall bed is not the best, because it is hard bed, and a long time will leave marks on the wall. You be got out of bed styles and colors, the other bedroom interior design along with it to start.


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